Menopause for Feminists

Menopause for Feminists

For a long time, the default tone for menopause chat has been MISERABLE. Focused on debilitating symptoms, being ‘past it’, having just another lousy time to ‘put up with’.

That is NOT what I want for my life and I bet you don’t either!

  • While the years leading up to the end of menstruation can bring challenging symptoms, there is a LOT we can do to THRIVE in perimenopause and beyond.
  • We can expect to live for a further THIRTY YEARS after menopause, so there’s everything to play for – quality of life is crucial!
  • Our actions and words can make this transition easier – for us, for our contemporaries, and for the women who come after us.


Many of the menopause myths of misery result from medical misogyny. The lack of robust research on this phase is another example of the gender data gap. The lack of confident chat about the change illstrates the shame women are encouraged to feel about our bodies.

Are you ready to empower yourself and turn a transition into a transformation?


What is Menopause for Feminists all about?

This is a six-week course. We will examine:

Why modern life and patriarchy make the menopause so much more difficult that it needs to be

Reframing this transition as a transformation as you step forward into your new power

Building a rock-solid understanding of your menstrual hormones and how they change in perimenopause

Understanding HRT: evidence for risk and benefits

The challenges to bone, brain, muscle and heart health

Nutrition, movement and lifestyle for better perimenopausal years.


You can choose how you take part.


Level 1: Webinars only. Want education? This is for you.

There will be webinars on Wednesdays at 7pm for six weeks, starting on Wednesday 12 January (available as recordings if you miss them). This will give you a massive knowledge of the menopause and help you understand what is happening, has happened, or will happen in your body.


Level 2: Group Coaching. Want to make changes and find peer support? This is for you.

If you want to make positive changes to your health, I will be offering group coaching for four women at a time. The focus will be practical change-making in your life to make the menopause transition less challenging.


Level 3: One-to-one coaching. Need accountability and a serious look at your health goals? This is for you.

I will have a couple of spots available for one to one coaching. If you’re seriously committed to sorting out your sh*t for the Third Age, this is for you.

Book the webinars here:

Book small group coaching here:

For one to one coaching, contact me:

Elspeth Alexandra - Women's Health Coach in Edinburgh

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