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HCR ZenWomanI’ve been a daily meditator since 2015 and I truly believe it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

If you’d like to start meditating, or practicing gratitude, or try other mindful techniques to improve your mental healthy, ZenWoman can support your search for solutions.

The goal is to find the most relaxed and happy version of you. Each week we practice a different form of meditation, and gradually increase the length of our practice. We work on mindfulness practices (such as reducing our technology time, or mindful eating) and practice gratitude. As a group we have a one hour-long session per week where we check in and share how we’ve found it.

The group meets weekly on Zoom and keeps in touch in a WhatsApp group. Each week we:

  • Learn a mindfulness practice to work on
  • Try a different kind of meditation practice
  • Add a little extra time to your daily meditation practice

Ideally by the end of the course, you’ll be happy to sit for 15 minutes a day to meditate.

I run this course once a year. To register your interest in the next block, get in touch with me.

Elspeth Alexandra - Women's Health Coach in Edinburgh

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