Mighty Mums®: Gym Classes

Pregnancy Power-Up Gym Classes

Do you want to…

  • Return to exercise after having a baby, safely and appropriately?
  • Get expert advice on the best way to improve your postnatal fitness?
  • Exercise in a gym environment?
  • Workout face-to-face with a tribe of like-minded superhero mums?
  • Bring baby with you to cheer you on?

I created this six-week course to help you feel strong and confident in your postnatal body.

Looking after a tiny new human being, straight after growing that tiny new human being from scratch, is tough on your body. Nobody needs to consider themselves “broken”, but we do need the appropriate care and attention to feel fit again.

In Mighty Mums ® we revisit the ‘big moves’ that make up workouts and mum-life – squats, hinge, push, pull and lunge – and find out what your body is ready to do.
Each week we focus on a different move and find the variation that suits you right now – and with each block, we add new variations to keep your fitness increasing.

You can expect

  • Mobility to ease the ‘mummy muscles’ – because the daily challenges of feeding, lifting and pushing have an impact on your body
  • Core & pelvic floor training in every single session – because your body’s been through a lot
  • Movement tutorials to find the variations that work for you
  • Circuit training workouts to suit your energy levels

You are welcome to bring your baby along to the class, and many of the courses have our dedicated and brilliant professional babysitter Natalie to help out.

If you miss a session you can catch up with an online class.

I want you to

Feel stronger
Get the endorphins flowing with low-impact cardio
Use your core and pelvic floor with confidence
Have a good time
Feel like the MIGHTY MUM that you are!

If you’re wondering how soon after birth you can exercise, you can come to this class after you’ve been cleared for exercise by your GP at your six-week check. (If your GP doesn’t offer a 6-week check as standard, please ask for one and check that you are safe for exercise.) If you had a c-section the recovery time is more like 8-10 weeks, but again, please be guided by your GP.


Mighty Mums 2 and 3 are also available when you’ve completed block 1 – increasing the intensity, adding load and complexity and gradually returning you to impact.

Before the class you’ll complete my thorough screening questionnaire so I can make sure the class is suitable for you, and we’ll have an introductory phone call before the session begins.

You’ll need a resistance band (a long, flat band is ideal but bands with handles or long loops will also do the job).

You can also join our supportive WhatsApp group for chat and support between sessions.


Book a 15 minute Clarity Call to have all your questions answered.

Elspeth Alexandra - Women's Health Coach in Edinburgh

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