Postnatal Fitness

Small group Postnatal Fitness personal training sessions to help you feel strong and confident in your body.

Need support AFTER pregnancy?

Let me help you stay on your own radar…

Being a mum of a baby, toddler or small child is physically demanding. Building your strength can help you avoid injuries or aches and pains in mumlife.

Long feeds, heavy car seats, and getting sleeping babies into cots without waking them all require stability and strength. Carrying toddlers and manoeuvring a buggy will test your mobility and core strength, and helping a wobbly crawler to take assisted steps is challenging for your back.

And when they’re bigger, won’t it be useful to keep up with them in the park, on the climbing frame or the beach?

These Mum Movement Patterns are what we train for at Mighty Mums, so you can be a strong, confident and healthier mum.

It’s hard to take it easy when you’re a mum – so why not train for it?


Pregnancy Power-Up Gym Classes

Mighty Mums® Small Group Personal Training


Six-week blocks of training tailored to supporting your postnatal body, and baby can come too!

Pregnancy Massage

The Postnatal Care Package


Six week of small group personal training and a postnatal massage.


Might Mums with Elspeth Alexandra


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5 Star Review

“I really enjoy Elspeth’s classes. It was a perfect way to get back to exercising after pregnancy! There is variety to choose what is most appropriate for you.
I also finally understood how to do pelvic floor exercises.”

Chrystalla Karamita

5 Star Review

“I’m so grateful to Elspeth, her Mighty Mums classes have been such an important part of keeping me sane this year! She went to such efforts to keep her classes going, online and in the parks, when restrictions threatened to take them away. If not for Elspeth’s efforts and her classes, I would have had no new mum friends or connections for months after my son was born.”

Linda Fraser

5 Star Review

“I started with Elspeth’s Mighty Mums course after having my first baby. I wish I’d known about pregnancy power up before hand! Elspeth is friendly, approachable and willing to help. She’ll give you replacement exercises if there’s something you can’t do. Supportive throughout the session. Enjoying HCR at the moment. Sign up. You won’t be disappointed.”

Beth Chapman

Elspeth Alexandra - Women's Health Coach in Edinburgh

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