Pregnancy Power-UP®: Gym Classes

Pregnancy Power-Up Gym Classes

Do you want to…

  • Work face-to-face with a tribe of like-minded, baby-building superheroes?
  • Keep working out with weights and cardio machines?
  • Move well throughout your pregnancy?
  • Start motherhood without feeling like your fitness has evaporated?
  • Do the best gym workouts for your pregnant body?
  • Know that your gym workout is as safe as possible for you and your baby?

This pregnancy gym class takes the staple moves of gym life – squats, deadlifts, press and pull – and makes them 100% respectful of your amazing pregnant body.

Previous gym experience is not necessary! I designed this class to keep you moving well throughout the second and third trimesters, using the weights and movements that are right for you.

You can expect mobility, core & pelvic floor training, strengthening and cardio in a varied circuit format. All moves are adaptable for your fitness and stage of pregnancy.

two pregnant women lifting handweights above their heads in the gym
gym fitness class with two pregnant women
pregnant woman lifting a bar weight in a gym
pregnant women participating in a group fitness class

How Does it Work?

Before the class you’ll complete my thorough screening questionnaire so I can make sure the class is suitable for you.

Gym classes are currently available for drop-in booking.

You’ll need:

  • a resistance band (a long, flat band is ideal but bands with handles or long loops will also do the job)
  • appropriate gym footwear


Book a 15 minute Clarity Call to have all your questions answered.

5 Star Review

I attended Elspeth’s Pregnancy Power Up class for the first time this week. Prior to going along I was finding it difficult to get guidance on what to do/what not to do during pregnancy. I was also quite anxious and had been feeling a little alone not knowing any other mum’s to be.
Elspeth immediately made me feel welcome. She clearly explained what to expect and how to do everything safely. Everyone is so friendly and I soon settled in. It is great to be properly active again after spending my first trimester in bed!!!!
I came away feeling great that I had moved and worked, and elated that I had met a lovely community. I’ll definitley be back and I highly recommend. If you are wondering whether or not to go along, just do it!

Susie Hay

5 Star Review

What a great class this was. I was a bit nervous about going along at first but as soon as I got there I was welcomed by Elspeth and many other mummies to be 🙂 It was such a caring and welcoming environment with no additional pressures like you get at some other gyms. I was informed about how the session would work and was made to feel in safe capable hands. I was able to workout at my own pace at the same time as meeting some pregnant woman just like myself – great way to keep fit and form mummy relationships. Thank you Elspeth I will definitely be returning.

Jade Smith

Elspeth Alexandra - Women's Health Coach in Edinburgh

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