Massage Upgrade


Do you want to…

Get even better results from your Holistic Core Restore® course?
Connect more fully to your tummy and pelvic floor better?
Enjoy a relaxing and productive treatment?

Your “core” includes not only your tummy and back muscles, but your pelvic floor and your diaphragm as well. Which is why being able to breathe better is a huge part of improving your pelvic floor function and core. If your core muscles are restricted when you breathe, it can be harder to get them to work effectively.

Massage can help you find a breathing pattern that will help you. Restrictions in your ribcage, lower back, shoulders or chest can restrict your breathing, as can abdominal scars (from a c-section or any other surgeries) or tummy muscles that struggle to relax.

If you choose to upgrade your HCR booking with a massage, you’ll get better results and come away with a set of self-massage releases that can keep you breathing and moving better.

Elspeth Alexandra - Women's Health Coach in Edinburgh

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