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Add on any of the following services and classes to your existing package

Because we all need a little extra TLC at times.

Pregnancy Massage



Giving you space to appreciate your wonderful body and feel more in touch with the intrinsic you.

Body Peace Classes

Body Peace, Body Love


An annual online course to tackle body shame and help you fall in love with who you are.

HCR ZenWoman

HCR® ZenWoman


If you’d like to start meditating, or practicing gratitude, ZenWoman can support your search for solutions.


Menopause for Feminists

Menopause for Feminists


Are you ready to empower yourself and turn a transition into a transformation?

HCR Rel-ease

HCR® Rel-Ease


Join us in person or via Zoom for fortnightly sessions that will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed and released.

Avocado AM Online Training

Avocado AM


Join my online strength and cardio Avocado community – this is online circuit training at its funnest!

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5 Star Review

I had a great few sessions with Elspeth who was supporting me to build more strength training into my somewhat middle aged, menopausal exercise regime.
I loved my sessions. Elspeth was hugely knowledgeable, encouraging and fun to be with. I feel kick started into another aspect of fitness, particularly important as I age. I would highly recommend her and her approach.
Thank you.

Jill McClure

5 Star Review

Elspeth is a miracle worker!! I have taken many of her classes starting with Pregnancy Power Up when I was pregnant, which really helped me feel strong and helped me tremendously when I was in labor. After giving birth I moved on to her Mighty Mums class which was perfect for a post-natal body. She helped me start to feel like myself again with workouts that were designed to help you feel your best. I am now taking her Avocado AM classes which are amazing and help me stay fit in a short amount of time. During COVID, Elspeth was fantastic at adapting her in-person classes to online and has created a truly seamless experience. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a caring, upbeat, and lovely instructor to help them on any journey they are on!

Kristi Maynard

Elspeth Alexandra - Women's Health Coach in Edinburgh

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