C-section Recovery Package

Pregnancy Massage

Do you want to:

  • Improve the way your c-section scar(s) feel, whether it’s 12 weeks old or 12 years old?
  • Reduce the restrictions that your c-section scar cause through your whole body?
  • Reduce the tightness around your scar (which can sometimes cause your tummy to bulge above the scar, or create an ‘overhang’)?
  • Learn how to look after your scar for life?
  • Relax and take good care of yourself?

Massage can improve the appearance, sensation and function of a c-section the scar and the surrounding tissue. While it is not a miracle cure for numbness in the scar area, it can reduce pain and tightness in your tummy, and, in the months after the section, it can promote healing.

Since your baby was born, you may have developed pelvic health issues, such as incontinence, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, or menstrual pain. You might find that these are connected to your scar – you may find that massage will help with these symptoms.

These treatments are suitable when your scar is well healed (usually at least 12 weeks after your section) but there is no limit on how long after your section you can have this treatment. Years after your baby is born, you can notice a change in your tummy after a scar massage.

The treatments are gentle and most women find them extremely relaxing.  

This package is also suitable for you if you’ve had abdominal surgery for hysterectomy, pelvic organ prolapse repair or any other condition.

What to expect:

  • Four massage treatments (ideally scheduled with 2 or 3 weeks between each treatment) that will leave you breathing and moving more easily, feeling relaxed and comforted.
  • Learning how to use your favourite massage techniques on yourself.
  • You might find you have an improved connection to your tummy muscles and your pelvic floor, and you will probably notice some change in the appearance of your tummy after the treatments.
  • You’ll receive a self-care kit containing the hardware you’ll need to look after you scar in the longer term.

Buy the package here:

When you buy this package, you’ll receive a code which you can use to book in for your four appointments. You can choose to book them all, or just the first one. If you book them all, please leave 2 or 3 weeks between appointments.


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Elspeth Alexandra - Women's Health Coach in Edinburgh

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