If you want to maintain your fitness during your pregnancy, Pregnancy Power-Up® will keep challenging you and preparing your body for the challenges of being a mum. Prepare to sweat and have your body know about it the next day!

Your body is doing the original POWER-UP! As you grow a new human, you need to take good care of yourself. Moving well and staying strong aren’t optional extras, they’re necessities if you’re going to prepare for labour, deliver and the first months as a new mum.

  • Do you want to maintain your fitness through your pregnancy? Whether you’re 15 weeks pregnant, 25 weeks or 35 weeks?
  • Do you want to be strong and fit for labour, delivery and your first months as a mum?
  • Are you unsure about how to exercise during pregnancy? And you want to know the exercises to avoid during pregnancy?

This class is for women in the second or third trimester of pregnancy and aims to:

  • maintain your fitness during pregnancy
  • help you to avoid pregnancy-related aches and pains by keeping you moving in a functional way
  • help prepare your body for labour, birth and the all-important ‘fourth trimester’ after delivery
  • be sociable, fun and friendly.

You don’t need to be a super fit gym bunny to enjoy this class. It’s for you whether you’re a regular exerciser or a gym avoider.

We do the best exercises for the second trimester and keep them going into the third trimester – with modifications and progressions to make them suitable for everyone. So it doesn’t matter how fit you were before you got pregnant or how far into your pregnancy you are – you’ll still be doing a great workout.

We have a pregnancy core workout too – no planks, crunches or curl-ups! Instead we learn to safely and functionally use the course muscles at a time when they’re also being stretched and weakened as you grow.

The goal is to keep you moving well, right up until baby arrives (and after!) – who doesn’t want that? So whether you’ve exercised regularly or been more of a couch potato, this class will help you through all your pregnancy.

“I am a qualified and experiences pregnancy fitness coach and fitness for pregnant women is my passion. I exercised through both my pregnancies and the only resource I had was a “Fit for 2” book – on the cover was a headband-wearing pregnant fitness trainer with a leotard-covered bump! I felt nervous and worried about exercising when I was pregnant – nobody would advise me on what was best for me or my baby. This is the class I would have loved when I was pregnant!”

** PLUS ** online resources exclusively for class participants

SUNDAY MORNINGS: 0845 ON ZOOM, 1000 at CR gym

What you will find in a PREGNANCY POWER-UP® class:

  • Safe, supportive instruction from a qualified, passionate coach in a small group environment
  • A thorough pre-class screening process to make sure the class is suitable for you and your pregnancy
  • Encouragement to give your best
  • A great pregnancy core workout as well as cardio and strength
  • Education on how to exercise during pregnancy as well as what exercises to avoid during pregnancy
  • Guidance to work at the right level for YOUR pregnancy stage and YOUR fitness level
  • The chance to exercise with other pregnant women

What you WON’T find:

  • Sitting on an inflatable ball
  • Chanting or ohming
  • Constantly checking your heart rate

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