Pelvic Floor 101

Online Course

Do you want to…

Learn the basics about your pelvic floor?
Find out what will help and hinder your pelvic floor strength?
Get confident about how to do your pelvic floor exercises?

My free online module is your pelvic floor 101. If these are the sort of questions you have, you’ll get your answers in under an hour: 


  • What’s a pelvic floor and how do I exercise it?
  • Are there appliances that can help me get stronger?
  • How do I know if I’m doing my pelvic floor exercises right?
  • Can a Women’s Health Physiotherapist help me?
  • How do I relax my pelvic floor?
  • Can bladder training help me?
  • What can I expect from a normal pelvic floor?
  • Are there any bad habits I should avoid?
  • What happens if I ignore pelvic floor problems?
  • How does the way I move and hold my body affect my pelvic floor?

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Elspeth Alexandra - Women's Health Coach in Edinburgh

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