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All classes are currently online.

I use Zoom – it’s easy to use and straightforward on your PC, tablet, laptop or phone.

Summer Club

In August you can join me for 30-minute live classes OR work out when it suits you.

I’ll be teaching live at 0830, and all the classes will also be available for you to access online whenever it suits you.

Whatever your level, pregnancy, postnatal or athlete, you’ll be able to stay strong and active through the summer.

Kit is mininal – resistance bands, small hand weights and heavier objects – and all the classes aim to be enlivening and fun!

Summer club costs £40 for the whole of August.

0830 sessions:

  • Monday – Athlete
  • Tuesday – Mighty Mums level 2/3
  • Wednesday – Pure Pregnancy Movement
  • Thursday – Athlete
  • Friday – Mighty Mums levels 2/3
  • Sunday – Pregnancy Power-UP at 0920

You’ll also get access to these bonus sessions, updates fortnightly or more:

  • Mobility (15 minutes, ideal for a pre-class warm-up or on it’s own)
  • Pulse-raiser (5 minutes, exercise to music)
  • Chillout (60 minutes of easy movement, breathing, gentle stretches and self massage)
  • Mini-chillout – 15 minutes of chilled out release movement, ideal before bed or in a stressful moment.

Book your Summer Club spot here > >


Pregnancy Power-UP – Sunday 9.20am

If you love your fitness, this is the class to help you maintain your strength and fitness throughout your pregnancy. Originally a gym class,

Power-UP has been modified to keep you challenging your strength and cardio fitness safely in the second and third trimesters.

To get the most out of the class, you’ll need a flat resistance band and a miniband, which you can source yourself or that I can supply for £10. Additionally, we use light dumbbells which can be substituted for bottles of water or equivalent. If you have heavier weights at home, you can use them – maybe at 8kg kettlebell, which you can substitute for a tin of paint! But all movements can be done with the bands and bottles.

When you’ve booked and paid for your class, I’ll send you a link to the Zoom call which you click on at the appropriate time. Book your session here >>

Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman Phase 1: Weeks 1-6

Starts september

Pelvic floor and core training for Every Woman! The HCR flagship offering will help you connect to your pelvic floor and core, whatever stage of your life you’re in. If you want to get moving more, get back in touch with your core and pelvic floor, and enjoy a community of like-minded online women, it’d be great to see you. All the details of the course are here on my website >>, so get in touch if you’d like to join the next block.

Holistic Core Restore® 30/30: Heat and Release

resumes in september

Suitable for women who have completed HCR Everywoman or who have no pelvic floor problems. When you book you’ll be screened to make sure the classes are suitable for you so don’t worry.

Part 1: 30 minutes of high intensity exercise where impact is optional, with an emphasis on exercise which supports good pelvic floor function; followed straight away by

Part 2: 30 minutes of lovely release work, easy movement, massage and relaxation that is truly nutritious for your whole body.

Contact me if you’d like to join the next block.

Pure Pregnancy Movement – Wednesdays 0830

Exclusively part of my Summer Club, this is a half hour class that hits everything you need to stay active in pregnancy in only half a hour. I blend enough cardio to make you feel good with mobility work to keep you moving and bodyweight work to make you feel like the strong, baby-growing superhero that you are. .

With Summer Club you get this class weekly, plus Pregnancy Power-Up weekly on a Sunday, warm-up and relaxation sessions too, for £40 a month.

cartoon image of mums with buggies looking like super herosMighty Mums

resumes in september

Level 2/3 sessions are available in Summer Club. Block 1 resumes in September. Contact me if you’d like me to add you to the pre-booking list.

Block 1: Wednesday 10.00 – 11.00am

Returning to exercise after having a baby? This is the class for you. We revisit the main movement patterns – squat, pull, deadlift, push and lunge – find your current level, and help you progress. You’ll be fully screened and have a one to one online consulation before the course begins, with advice on testing for abdominal separation – Book Now >>

Block 2: Wednesday 11.30-12.30pm

If you have already completed one or more blocks of Mighty Mums, this is the class for you. We build on your postnatal gains by revisit the main movement patterns – squat, pull, deadlift, push and lunge -and help you progress. The class features a range of options depending on your level of recovery.

Block 3: Wednesday 1.30-2.30pm and Sunday 10.40-11.40am

If you have already completed two or more blocks of Mighty Mums, this is the class for you. We ramp up the intensity with whole-body workouts, featuring low or no-impact options exercise to help your core/pelvic floor recovery as required. If you feel confident that you’re owning the usual class movements and your body is ready to take it up a notch, book this class. Otherwise, block 2 will have a range of options for multiple levels.

Rel-Ease workshop

Fortnightly sessions resume in september – weekly sessions available in summer club

My Sunday night chillout sessions will help you unwind, feel more at home in your body and sleep better. This isn’t pelvic floor training – it’s holistic work that makes everything work better – your mental game, your fitness and your happy level.

Build yourself an at-home sanctuary for the evening – draw the curtains, light a candle, maybe some essential oils, and join with me in breathing exercises, gentle stretching, easy movement and gorgeous self massage. You’ll feel amazingly chilled afterwards and ready for whatever the week ahead is going to chuck at you.

Athlete 12 fitness course

Begins again in september

Holistic Core RestoreⓇ Athlete 12 is a twelve-week at-home programme that improves your fitness, strength and speed.

You’ll get weekly workouts from Jenny Burrell, the creator of Holistic Core RestoreⓇ. You’ll get weekly workouts from Elspeth.

There will be online support in a Facebook/WhatsApp group where you can get motivation to improve your nutrition, sleep and lifestyle.

You can do the workouts whenever it suits you. Exercising 3-4 times per week will give you the best results. There will also be additional mini-workouts in the Facebook/WhatsApp for you to join in with if you’re feeling more active.

We will have a fitness test before you start, at 6 weeks in and at 12 weeks and if you follow the programme so that 100% you will see yourself getting fitter and fitter!

Think PROGRESS not PERFECTION!  Even if you can only do half of the workout in the beginning, half is still better than none!  Don’t worry, you will get stronger – WE PROMISE.

Not sure which class is best for you? Get in touch with me.

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