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Pregnancy Power-UP®: Sundays 0845 on Zoom and 1000 at CR Gym

If you love your fitness, this is the class to help you maintain your strength and fitness throughout your pregnancy. You can  choose a Zoom session or the face-to-face class at CR Gym, Bonnington Mill, Newhaven Road, EH6 5QG. Pregnancy Power-Up® will keep you challenging your strength and cardio fitness safely in the second and third trimesters.

For either version of the class, you’ll need a flat resistance band, which you can buy yourself or that I can supply for £5. Additionally, for the Zoom sessions, we use light dumbbells which can be substituted for bottles of water or equivalent. If you have heavier weights at home, you can use them – maybe at 8kg kettlebell, which you can substitute for a tin of paint or a bag of books! But all movements can be done with the bands and bottles.

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Mighty Mums®: online or in-the-gym from Monday 6 September

Start your postnatal return to fitness and movement HERE!

The next blocks of classes starts on Monday 6 September and bookings are open.

Whether you chose online or face-to-face, you will:

  • practice your MUM MOVEMENTS to make you strong for the things you have to do every day.
  • work at the RIGHT LEVEL FOR YOU, because we are all at different stages of the postnatal recovery journey.
  • release the tight, restricted muscles that cause us new aches and pains in our brilliant mobility warm-ups
  • restore your core and pelvic floor muscles with focussed, effective, gentle stomach exercises that will never ask you to ‘pull your belly button to your spine’ but will help you to engage your core more effectively than ever
  • get the endorphins flowing with low-impact, pelvic floor safe cardio work
  • build strength and endurance with simple, safe, weight-based circuits.

This is a post pregnancy exercise programme that helps you recover, as well as improve your fitness and helps you feel like the MIGHTY MUM® that you are!

If you choose the online version, there are two 30 minute drop-in Zoom sessions each week (Mondays 1015 and Thursdays 1230 – you can do one or both), one online 15 minute at-home workout each week, plus loads of online bonus content. I run a supportive and encouraging WhatsApp group for each class, and if there’s demand, we will have weekly Zoom blethers.

If you choose the face to face sessions, our venue is Primal Gym, 37 West Bowling Green Street, EH6 5NX. Sessions are on Mondays at 2pm from 6th September 2021. We have a one-hour session in the gym each week with a babysitter to keep an eye on your tiny cheerleaders. If you miss a session, you can attend the Zoom class to catch up!

Mighty Mums 2 and 3 are also available when you’ve completed block 1 – increasing the intensity, adding load and complexity and gradually returning you to impact.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to book your place.


Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman: Zoom, Mondays 7-8pm from Monday 6 September 2021

This core restore programme is truly my Gold Star Service for all the women I serve! Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman is a 6 or 12-week group class or one-to-one course that will restore and rebalance you. Holistic Core Restore® is ideal for every woman, whether you are:

  • experiencing leaks
  • need to reconnect to your core
  • healing separated tummy muscles (diastasis recti)
  • pregnant
  • post-natal (whether it’s weeks or months or years since you had your baby)
  • perimenopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal
  • recovering from gynecological or other abdominal surgery
  • suffering mild or moderate pelvic organ prolapse

Everywoman is currently on Zoom with six weekly sessions, a supportive and informative WhatsApp, thorough screening to make sure the course is right for you, and an ‘exit plan’ to make sure you keep up the good work. The sessions are on Monday evenings 7-8pm, and your booking includes your kit and lifetime access to our online resources.


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