woman with babies standing in bobs garage

Want to progress your fitness postnatally? Take a step back

When I met the very smart Rob Clark with a view to teaching my pregnancy and postnatal classes at his...

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Only running can break your heart

I love running. Running is my best friend.  Running helped me give up smoking. It was there on my wedding...

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women out walking with buggies in woods

4 ways to know it’s time to mend your pelvic floor

Are you experiencing one of these 4 symptoms? 1. You pee more than 7 times a day or more than...

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The one thing you should NEVER do at the gym

Exercise trends come and go. Some of us remember when people actually wore leotards to workout. Gym instructors will get...

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3 reasons why I love buggywalks

As the weather gets a bit cooler it gets a bit more difficult to get outside every day, but I'm...

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Why do I love belly dance?

I went to my first bellydance class in 1997. 18 years is a long time. Since then I've been a...

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