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What’s been going on and what can we look forward to? I want to serve women as thoroughly and deeply as I can. Keeping up to date with wellness research is important to me, meaning I can continue to improve what I offer to women, whether it’s hands-on treatments, one to one sessions or group classes.


Moving more and moving well makes us feel better. The first steps may be difficult or daunting, but getting moving and staying moving brings quality to life. All women are entitled to move without fear or pain.


Your body is not your masterpiece – it’s what you use every day to make your masterpiece. Feeling strong, functioning well, optimising how your body works so you can use it to be your best version of yourself, every day.


Health is about more than not being poorly. It’s about having enough good health to appreciate opportunities and blessings the universe sends, thriving with your family and enjoying your freedom.

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