The Mummy Check

The Mum Check

Helping you understand and reconnect to your postnatal body

What is it?

This is a wonderful check-up for all new mums, whether you’re weeks or months postnatal. The Mum Check will help you move with more confidence after having a baby, and let you reconnect with your postnatal body. 

Who is it for?

This check is for you if you’ve been cleared by your GP at your six-week check, any of the following are true for you:

  • You’ve been told that you have separated tummy muscles, perhaps by a midwife or GP, but you’re none the wiser about what that means
  • Your c-section scar has healed but you don’t feel comfortable with your tummy
  • You don’t know whether it’s safe to return to exercise
  • You don’t remember anybody checking your tummy muscles for separation 
  • You’d like to better understand what exercise is safe and appropriate for your postnatal body
  • You’re wondering what you can do about these new aches and pains you’ve acquired
  • Your tummy doesn’t feel like your own any more, and you feel disconnected
  • You don’t know who to talk to about what’s going on with your body post-baby.

Why do I need it?

The Mum Check is a reassuring, caring assessment of your postnatal posture, movement patterns, core strength and pelvic floor function.

Even though growing and birthing a baby is a natural, normal activity, many of us feel disconnected or just a bit weird with our bodies after birth. 

  • Perhaps you’re looking at gym classes or online workouts and wondering if they’re right for your body?
  • Perhaps you’re feeling nervous about your pelvic floor strength since having a baby and wondering if there are any exercises you should avoid?
  • Perhaps you’re wondering what on earth is going on with your tummy and whether it will ever feel or look like it used to?
  • Maybe you’d really like someone to listen to all your questions and worries and give you sensible, helpful education.

Will the Mummy Check help me?

I am in contact with a team of wonderful professionals who work hard to improve the postnatal journey in different avenues. These include Women’s Health Physiotherapists, birth trauma counsellors, and perinatal mental health specialists. If I can’t help you, I will do my best to make sure you get the help that you need. 

What should I expect?

  • You will start by completing a thorough screening about what’s going on with your body post-birth, done in advance so that we have more time for discussion during our appointment.
  • I’ll assess your body positioning and how you perform some basic daily movements, and make suggestions for simple exercises and releases to help you perform these better.
  • I’ll check your tummy muscles for separation, and give you advice on what you should do next
  • I’ll perform some abdominal massage to help you reconnect with your tummy area.
  • If you have a c-section scar which is not as you would like it, we can discuss how you can improve the function and appearance of your tummy in that area, such as massage treatments and self-massage techniques
  • I’ll help you to improve your breathing for optimal recovery and function
  • I’ll advise you on holistic factors to support your recovery
  • I’ll send you a note of the key points, or film your recommendations on your phone – because mums of small children have quite enough to remember

Please note

The Mummy Check does not include an internal examination. 

If you have severe pain or bleeding, or a scar that is slow to heal, the Mummy Check is not for you – contact your GP or healthcare provider.

The Mummy Check is suitable if you’ve been cleared by your GP at your six-week check

How do I book?

Use the calendar below to select a time that suits you. Appointments are currently available on Tuesdays and Sundays. If you’d prefer a Saturday evening appointment, please email me.

You can book online for up to three months in advance.

Most mums find it easier to focus on themselves for a while if baby is being looked after somewhere else.

Book now £50 for 75 minutes 



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