Route 10 Rollers Buggywalks

Do you want to be active, feel happier, be kind to yourself and learn more about caring for your postnatal body?

BuggyWalks with the Route 10 Rollers gently return you to activity and wellbeing after the birth of your baby.

With the Route 10 Rollers you’ll increase in your activity levels and your happy hormones. It’s your chance to learn great ways to move, nourish and repair your body, to help you reconnect and recover from 40 weeks of pregnancy. And this is a SOUL STROLL, with plenty of time for great chat with the

This is safe postnatal exercise. You won’t get injured by doing too much too soon, and you won’t be left behind.

Unlike other buggy walking groups, the Route 10 Rollers is ALWAYS LED by a qualified, insured postnatal exercise professional, and takes place regularly, twice a week.

This is a FREE exercise class for anyone pushing a buggy, and is ideal for new mums. We are outside no matter the weather so make sure you and your passenger are prepared for the conditions.

Of course our walks are suitable for prams and buggies, taking in some of the best places to walk with a pram including Victoria Park and the Water of Leith Walkway. We use sections of the Quiet Routes on Edinburgh’s path network, around and about Leith, Newhaven and Trinity, to boost our fitness with

  • walking,
  • walking drills (varying our speed), and
  • performing short gentle exercise circuits, suitable for all fitness levels.

We do as much or as little as babies let us, and all our circuits are drills are only for those who are fit to do them – you don’t have to join in. All exercises are suitable for mums who have had their six-week postnatal check, and you’ll complete a pre-screening questionnaire before you come to your first walk.

For exercise after a cesarean delivery I recommend you wait until 10 weeks postnatal. There is no upper age limit for babies who come along – if they’re happy to be in the buggy, they are welcome in the group.

You’re welcome to bring a baby carrier with you if you are concerned your little one won’t manange the whole walk in the buggy. However, this is an exercise group, and exercising while baby-wearing is not advisable for your postnatal body. The walks are not suitable for 100% baby-wearing.

As we sometimes have holidays, please join the Route 10 Rollers group on Facebook where you can stay up to date with all our details.

Donations welcome to our chosen charity

BuggyWalks will always be free. We will have a charity collection for anyone wishing to donate a small amount to a good cause, looking after mums and babies in the developing world with Pregnancy Twinning.

Join us for a Roll

Before you come along, please complete the pre-screening questionnaire so that I can make the session as appropriate as possible for you and so that you are fully insured for the session.

Friday BuggyWalks: Route 10 Rollers at Ocean Terminal

When: Fridays 10-11.15am
(Finishing time is approximate)
Where: meet outside Ocean Terminal, outdoors by the H&M entrance
Remember: wear suitable clothing including shoes suitable for walking and exercise, and ensure you and your passenger are dressed appropriately for the weather.
Cost: FREE

Contact Details
07748 183171
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