Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy massage

  • Are you looking for some wonderful self-care in your pregnancy?
  • Maybe you are feeling uncomfortable, whether it’s aching pelvis and lower back, tight shoulders or niggly joints.
  • Perhaps say your pregnancy progresses you feel like you’re losing touch with your changing body and you’d like to ‘reset’.
  • Maybe you’d love to have time to relax and enjoy your pregnant body and feeling baby inside.
  • Maybe you’d like to feel pampered and thoroughly looked-after.

My soothing, therapeutic pregnancy massage treatments can get you out of pain, moving more easily and feeling wonderful.

Pregnancy changes the way you stand, move and walk. As baby grows, your body changes – sometimes it’s imperceptible but sometimes it can leave you feeling out of balance, out of your stride, or even in pain.

A regular maternity massage can help alleviate a lot of these symptoms and more importantly allows you to prepare for the birth.

In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy massage is safe for most women. To make sure it’s suitable for you, you will complete a pre-massage screening questionnaire. You do this in the comfort of your own home, in your own time – so you don’t need to pay for a longer first appointment. It means that all of our time together is spent therapeutically, not form-filling!

“But I can’t lie on my tummy or my back!” Massage for pregnant women is not like other massage! I work with mums supported by an inclined massage table. If you’re not comfortable I have lots of pillows and cushions to support you until you are. Most mums find the most therapeutic position for massage is side-lying, where I can have good access to your back, shoulders, hips and legs.

I offer booking coupons to give as gifts. Contact me to arrange.

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Postnatal massage

The postnatal period is a time for healing, rest & recovery. Many of us find ourselves overwhelmed in this time – looking after baby is a full time job without thinking about running a house, looking after other children or taking time for self care.

Postnatal massage:
helps with that process of healing, repair and recovery
Gives you a valuable time out to relax and focus on yourself & your body
Helps with aches and pains that come with new motherhood
Lets you take time to feel pampered ad looked after.

Massage can be performed even in the early postnatal period so there’s no need to wait if you feel your body needs attention.

40 weeks of pregnancy takes its toll on your body, and labour and delivery is usually more challenging that a sporting event (and most sporting events you can train for!) It is not surprising that the early postnatal period comes along with aches and pains. Massage can help with these, and help you to feel ‘back in your body’ after what you’ve been through. Massage after a c-section is just as therapeutic, because surgery can create new tensions throughout your body, not just around your scar.

Whether your body is aching or you’re aching for a bit of a relax and a pamper, my postnatal massage treatment is wonderful for you.

Massage takes place at my home studio in Leith, Edinburgh.

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Feelgood and Wheelgood – postnatal massage with babywalking

If your postnatal body is crying out for a therapeutic massage but your baby is crying out – try a Feelgood & Wheelgood Postnatal Massage with Baby Walking.

Our qualified and insured babysitter Laura will take your little one for a walk (buggies/prams only) while you get a therapeutic, pampering, relaxing hour of massage with Elspeth.

Not currently available – please get in touch if you’d like to arrange

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