• Are you POSTNATAL AND PROUD of what your body’s achieved?
  • Do you want some support and guidance for how to look after your body as you recover from pregnancy and birth?
  • And do you want to bring your baby along with you?

MIGHTY MUMS is a postnatal exercise and recovery class to make you feel good, move better and stay stronger!

You’ll complete my pre-class screening questionnaire online before your first class because I need to know that the post-natal training I’m asking you to do is RIGHT FOR YOUR BODY.

In these postnatal classes you will:

  • practice your MUM MOVEMENTS to make you strong for the things you have to do every day.
  • work at the RIGHT LEVEL FOR YOU, because we are all at different stages of the postnatal recovery journey.
  • release the tight, restricted muscles that cause us new aches and pains in our brilliant mobility warm-ups
  • restore your core and pelvic floor muscles with focussed, effective, gentle stomach exercises that will never ask you to ‘pull your belly button to your spine’ but will help you to engage your core more effectively than ever
  • get the endorphins flowing with low-impact, pelvic floor safe cardio work
  • build strength and endurance with simple, safe, weight-based circuits.

This is a post pregnancy exercise programme that helps you recover, as well as improve your fitness and helps you feel like the MIGHTY MUM that you are!

If you’re wondering how soon after birth you can exercise, you can come to this class after you’ve been cleared for exercise by your GP at your six-week check. (If your GP doesn’t offer a 6-week check as standard, please ask for one and check that you are safe for exercise.) If you had a c-section the recovery time is more like 8-10 weeks, but again, please be guided by your GP.

This is not a “Buggy Bootcamp” class – this is an exercise class for women you are IN RECOVERY after pregnancy, labour and birth. This includes your PELVIC FLOOR AND CORE – so I can 100% guarantee you there will be no running, star jumps, planks or crunches!

Babies in prams, buggies and car seats are welcome to cheerlead from the side. We have a babysitter to help with the babies. However if your baby needs YOU, take a break and attend to them.

All fitness levels are welcome, regardless of how active you were before or during pregnancy.

Wednesdays at #BobsGarage Gym, 27 Stewartfield EH6 5RQ (just off Newhaven Road).

All MIGHTY MUMS classes are full for this term. New couses will be be open for new bookings from 12 September, so check back then or send me an email with MIGHTY MUMS WAITING LIST in the header and I’ll send you a reminder.

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