Holistic Core Restore® Rel-ease

Top to toe healing by releasing tight muscles to leave you feeling relaxed and amazing. WOMEN WERE NOT MADE TO LIVE WITH TENSE, TIGHT MUSCLES!

Holistic Core Restore® Rel-ease is a 90-minute workshop where we:

  • breathe deeply
  • move well, and
  • use self-massage

To release our bodies and move more easily.

You will go leave a Rel-ease workshop with some simple self-care solutions to make you simply FEEL BETTER!

Rel-ease workshops have a ‘top to toe’ approach to healing your body. We cannot heal dysfunctional muscles – including core or pelvic floor muscles – when we are tight, achey and moving badly. This workshop is about developing alignment and movement to heal your whole body. This is relaxing, endorphin producing and FUN.


HCR® Rel-ease workshops take place every 6 weeks on Sunday evenings
at Santosa Yoga & Meditation Studio, Albert Street, Leith.

Current workshop details and booking link


Feedback for HCR® Rel-ease:

I feel great after the workshop, I can’t remember the last time I was able to breath so deeply!”

“When I woke up this morning I didn’t have my usual Monday aches and pains.”

“my shoulders and upper back felt great this morning – I must have worked out some good knots :)”

“My entire body was relaxed/released from the start to the the finish, and I learned some AWESOME moves to take away when I start to feel tense again”

“I was a (loose!) ball of energy when I left, slept better and more comfortably than I have in three months and woke refreshed and wide awake 30 minutes before my alarm.”

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