Holistic Core Restore® Heat

Pelvic floor friendly fat loss exercise
HCR® Heat is a jump-free workout that will kickstart your metabolism and keep you burning calories for hours after the exercise session.

Once you’ve gone through the Everywoman programme, Heat is the next step. By completing Everywoman you already know the best pelvic floor exercises and the best tummy exercises. In Heat, we take the intensity and tempo up a notch to truly get you moving but with a deep respect for your pelvic health. Heat is a sweaty 45-minute class which leaves you feeling like you’ve exercised but knowing that you’ve also actively looked after your pelvic floor.

In Heat, Jenny Burrell has created a class that keeps both feet on the ground (if you need to) and but still gives you an effective exercise session to promote fat loss.

Heat is for you if you:

  • Have completed at least one course of the 6 or 12-Week Everywoman programme
  • Want to maintain your practice of the principles of Holistic Core Restore®
  • Want to know how to move dynamically and safely FOR LIFE
  • Want to keep up your work on nourishing your deep health with nutrition, good lifestyle habits and self-care.

Maybe you came to Everywoman to restore your pelvic floor after have a baby – and now you want a safe and effective way to lose fat after having a baby. This course enables you to look after this area of your health FOREVER! Your pelvic floor and core strength will be higher up your list of life priorities as a result.

Being part of Heat also makes it easy for you to get the information and coaching you need when life challenges your core and pelvic floor!

Heat is PROGRESSIVE, so as to ensure that your body and pelvic floor are always being challenged and changed. Every six weeks the exercises change, and within those six weeks the exercises have more challenging progressions. The class combines exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor, and with the best exercise for fat loss.

HCR Heat® is available in Edinburgh exclusively as an easy-to-access ONLINE CLASS.

So, How Does It Work?

You will have already completed at least one course of the 6 or 12-Week Everywoman programme so we’ve worked together and developed a deep knowledge of your needs and abilities

You will already feel confident with the principles of the Holistic Core Restore® system.
Every Tuesday I will post your weekly class in our Members Only Facebook group. You can join in with the exercise session whenever it suits you over the next 7 days. You can also can take part in the class more than once during the week as it suits you.
You will continue doing your Holistic Core Restore® homework in the portal to maintain your pelvic floor strength.
You will get encouragement, advice, support and challenges through the exclusive Facebook group for my HCR Heat® participants
You will receive a code to book in for a monthly therapeutic massage with me each month.
You will be able to attend LIVE Heat classes at no extra charge, several times per year on Monday evenings at Santosa Yoga & Meditation Studio, 21 Albert Street, Leith. Note that these run when I am not teaching HCR® Everywoman, and the class is recorded for sharing.
The HCR® Heat costs £50 per month. To join, click the PayPal button below.

Alternatively the Class Only HCR® Heat package costs just £35 per month. To join, click the PayPal button below.

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