Holistic Core RestoreⓇ Athlete 12

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Are you ready for an at-home workout that really challenges you, leaves you feeling exhillarated and improves your fitness?

Holistic Core RestoreⓇ Athlete 12 is a twelve-week at-home programme that improves your fitness, strength and speed.

  • You’ll get weekly workouts from Jenny Burrell, the creator of Holistic Core RestoreⓇ
  • You’ll get weekly workouts from Elspeth
  • There will be online support in a Facebook/WhatsApp group where you can get motivation to improve your nutrition, sleep and lifestyle.

You can do the workouts whenever it suits you. Exercising 3-4 times per week will give you the best results. There will also be additional mini-workouts in the Facebook/WhatsApp for you to join in with if you’re feeling more active.

We will have a fitness test before you start, at 6 weeks in and at 12 weeks and if you follow the programme, so that 100% you will see yourself getting fitter and fitter!

Think PROGRESS not PERFECTION!  Even if you can only do half of the workout in the beginning, half is still better than none!  Don’t worry, you will get stronger – WE PROMISE.

Kit required:

  • two plastic cups
  • a massage ball (firm dog ball will do) and preferably a small spikey ball
  • a timer (an app on your phone will do)
  • small dumbells – starting with 2kg, and working up in later weeks to 3kg and 5kg
  • miniband (for round your feet or knees)
  • rubber resistance band with handles
  • pilates ball
  • flat resistance band

Links to all these items on Amazon will be given when you register. If you don’t have any of them at the moment, the cost is about £30, but you won’t need it all in week 1.

The next block of Athlete 12 will start in April 2020. It costs £75. Interested? Drop me a line.

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