Holistic Core Restore®: Restore your core and pelvic floor

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The Holistic Core Restore® programmes truly are the gold standard services I provide! Since 2014 I have helped women to regain control and strength of their core and pelvic floor function, and in 2017 I added soft tissue therapy to my tools, to achieve even better results.

Holistic Core Restore® improves your core and pelvic floor by looking at the whole circle of your wellbeing, as well as pelvic floor exercise. This is movement prescription instead of exercise; nourishment instead of diets. What you learn will last a lifetime and provide a sound foundation to your movement and wellness for ever.

Our pelvic and core health are essential factors in our freedom as women. Poor pelvic health – pain, incontinence – depletes our confidence and shrinks our world. The objective of Holistic Core Restore® is to empower women by knowing more and doing better.

I currently offer three Holistic Core Restore® products:


Holistic Core Restore® Everywoman 6-12: pelvic floor and core strength for Every Woman.



Diastasis Recti


Holistic Core Restore® Diastasis: Holistic healing of postnatal separated tummy muscles



Holistic Core Restore® Rel-ease: top to toe healing by releasing tight muscles to leave you feeling relaxed and amazing.

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