Bumps & Babies at Ainslie Park


Unfortunetely this class is no longer running but please check out my other classes like Route 10 Rollers Buggywalks or MIGHTY MUMS






Who’s Bumps & Babies for?

This is postnatal and antenatal exercises class, suitable for:

  • postnatal mums who have had their six-week check with the GP and been cleared for exercise
  • pregnant women in their second or third trimester.

Everyone will be screened before taking part, to make sure the class is suitable.

Mummy & baby fitness

there is no upper limit on the age of babies, as long as they are happy to stay securely strapped in to their car seat, pram or buggy during the class. If your baby needs you during the class you can attend to them – but while you’re attending to baby, you’re not exercising or participating in the class. This is for safety reasons.

What’s the class for?

This is a class to help you stay mobile through your pregnancy while maintaining your fitness, and to restore your body after the challenges of pregnancy, birth and the early post-natal period.

What will I get out of the class?

If you’re pregnant, this class will help keep you moving easily through your second and third trimester, and get your body strong and mobile for labour and delivery.

Is it all about losing the baby weight?

Weight loss is never about exercise – it’s about nutrition. Exercise is about moving better, feeling stronger and enjoying your body. After all, a latte and a doughnut will wipe out any calorie burn you had in this class! Focussing on weight loss is a small part of the postnatal journey – it’s more important to focus on moving well, being out of pain, having fun and enjoying being a mum.

What do we do in the class?

These workouts for mums start with lovely mobility releases to get your body out of the mummy movement patterns and ready for new movements. Pelvic floor exercise always features, as do the best, safest exercises for a postnatal tummy. We use pelvic floor-safe cardio to release your feel-good hormones, and functional strength training circuits to help you stay strong and avoid injury. We finish with delicious cooldown releases to make you say “ahhh”.

Why do you need this class?

I’ve written a blog on this. Pop on over and have a read of Coming back to exercise post baby

Do I need to be fit already?

Regardless of your fitness before your pregnancy, you’ll find this class will help you to reconnect with your body, get vital muscles working (including your pelvic floor and core) and get you ready for what life has to throw at you.


Classes cost £7.50 for non-Edinburgh Leisure members, £5.60 with an Edinburgh Leisure Discount Card, £4.50 or free to Edinburgh Leisure members. For more information, check out the Edinburgh Lesure Centre website

FitMums at Ainslie Park are also able to book virtual R.P.M. classes with babies welcome in the R.P.M. studio. Please get in touch if you would like more information.

When and where? Tuesdays 1330-1430 at Ainslie Park Leisure Centre, 92 Pilton Drive, Edinburgh EH5 2HF

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