Bellydance is a collective name given to dances originating from the Middle East. Dancers from all over the world have taken it to their hearts and made it their own. This is a dance with many different forms, practiced and performed by women and men of all ages and body types.

SwishandHips Bellydance is about enjoying movement, music and your own uniqueness as you practice and perform.

Belly Dance is good for your mobility and balance. It benefits your cardiovascular system and your pelvic floor. It is generally a non-impact activity and can be modified, not only to accommodate but to actively suit, almost all abilities.

Best of all, it is good for your soul.

Whether you like to shimmy, sparkle, show off or meet new soul sisters, bellydance is waiting to become your favourite new hobby. You’ll leave class feeling happier and livelier than before.

If you want to learn how to bellydance then SwishandHips Bellydance course for beginners is a great place to start! Come along and be welcomed into a friendly group of bellydancers and join our bellydance community, all across central Scotland and beyond. We learn bellydance choreography and perform at bellydance parties (haflas).

Classes are weekly at Dancebase in the Grassmarket, and The Fisherrow Centre in Musselburgh. It’s friendly, welcoming and fun – but if you prefer to learn alone, 1-1 or 1-2 courses of bellydance lessons for beginners are available.



  • Beginners: Dancebase, Grassmarket on Wednesdays 1830-1930
  • Improvers: Dancebase, Grassmarket on Wednesdays 1930-2030

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