4 ways to know it’s time to mend your pelvic floor

Are you experiencing one of these 4 symptoms?

1. You pee more than 7 times a day or more than once at night

Between 5-7 pees a day is normal bladder function. If you need to pee more often than that, you might have some level of pelvic floor floor weakness (although if you are worried, see your GP to rule out urine infections).

2. You need to wear pads

You might choose pee pads like Tena Lady, or just sometimes use a panty liner just in case – either way, if you think you might have an accident, your pelvic floor’s not working well enough. Even if it’s just some days – you can mend your pelvic floor to make that ‘no days’.

3. You don’t do the things you like to do because you’re worried you might leak pee or poo.

That might be trampolining with the kids, laughing with abandon with your friends, running or any other fitness activities – or it might be going for a walk when you know there won’t be a toilet. Your pelvic floor should not hold you back.

4. You feel a heaviness or discomfort in your vagina, or have a bulge there.

In this case, you should definitely see your GP as you may have a pelvic organ prolapse, where the organs in your pelvis aren’t where they started out. In mild to moderate cases of prolapse, pelvic floor training can make a big difference.

What causes pelvic floor weakness? Many things – pregnancy, childbirth, connective tissue conditions like hypermobility, lifting heavy weights, chronic coughing, pelvic injury or simply aging.

What can be done about it? Your pelvic floor is a muscle and can be trained to be stronger, like any other muscle in your body.

Bookings are now open for HOLISTIC CORE RESTORE®, a 6-week pelvic floor and core training system, in Leith. Get in touch for details and to book. 


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