3 reasons why I love buggywalks

As the weather gets a bit cooler it gets a bit more difficult to get outside every day, but I’m always grateful to be out with the Route 10 Rollers for twice-weekly BuggyWalks.

In fact, it’s usually the two best hours of my week.

1. Walking feels great for my mood and my body.

When my energy levels are low, walking for an hour gives me a boost. I love to run and lift weights, but there is something special about walking that gives me energy. When my mood is low, I always feel happier after an hour of BuggyWalking.

2. On a BuggyWalk, we are are moving and chatting.

Whether your priority is the exercise or human connection, you’ll feel better for both of them. Some days you will feel like pushing yourself harder, powering up a hill or speeding up across the park. And other days you’ll need to be heard, or need to listen to someone else’s stories. Either way, you feel better after spending an hour the way you need to spend it.

3. I remember how hard the days can be when you’re at home with a baby.

My own son started high school this August, so I know that the years zip by – but I know too that some days can last a lifetime, especially the lonely ones that start at 5am with no respite or recognition. Buggywalks can bring structure, company and endorphins which can sometimes make the day a bit easier.

The Route 10 Rollers meet at Lochend/Restalrig Hub at 10am on Tuesdays, and outside Ocean Terminal at 10am on Fridays. Sessions resume for Autumn 2016 on Friday 26 August. We are a JogScotland group with strictly no jogging or running. All buggy pushers are welcome to join, just turn up or check the Facebook group for any extra details.

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