About Elspeth – Why I became a fitness trainer

My passion is getting more women moving, because movement is medicine and we all feel better when we move. Whether you want to dance, lift weights or simply go about your daily business with ease and confidence, I believe I can provide a service that will help you do it and do it better.

In 2018, my clients voted me “Best for Getting Active” in Edinburgh. The Hoop Awards recognise and celebrate the people and organisers that go above and beyond to entertain, educate and inspire children nationwide. 45,000 votes were cast by families across the country in 2018 so I am extremely grateful to my wonderful clients, and to have the opportunity to serve.

It’s my mission to get:

more women
moving more
and moving better,
because everything is better when you move.

To do this I:

help women mend problem pelvic floors and cores,
train women through pregnancies and the postnatal years,
and use my soft tissue/massage skills to remove pain and promote wellness.

10 facts about me

    1. Even though I think of myself as ‘recently postnatal’, my children are teenagers. Time does strange things when you’re a mum, right?
    2. I know about sleepless nights, the monotony of soft play, peacekeeping and provision of chauffeuse services.
    3. I love to move and at the moment my movements of choice are swimming, dancing and lifting heavy(ish) things.
    4. I used to pee when I bounced on a trampoline, but I learned how to stop that happening so I don’t anymore.
    5. I love cafes with friends and walking in the sunshine.
    6. Fitness is my second career.
    7. I know what it’s like to be unfit, overweight and partial to takeaways and lots of booze.
    8. Looking after myself isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. I can’t look after my family or help my friends when I’m broken or depleted. That’s why this stuff matters.
    9. On a desert island I would be inconsolable without tea.
    10. I love dogs and my family are desperate to get a dog but I’m allergic. Even to poodles.


Qualifications I have

Holistic Core Restore® Coaching
Pre & Post-Natal Exercise
Sports massage diploma
Pregnancy & Postnatal massage certification
C-section, hysterectomy & abdominal scar massage certification
Applied Nutrition
Personal Training
Health Fitness & Exercise (HNC)
Exercise to Music
Shallow Water Exercise (aquafit)
Politics (BA Hons)
Public Relations (a postgraduate diploma)

Contact Details
07748 183171
find me on

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